Bill Cosby

Over the past couple of weeks the media has been flooded with rape allegations against Bill Cosby. Around twenty women, including former supermodel, Janice Dickinson, have come forward accusing the television star of taking advantage of them. On almost any news outlet you can find the similar reports of all of the women, claiming to have been drugged and violated by Cosby. The assaults allegedly began in as early as 1969 and have lead up into the past ten years. It is also said that Cosby knowingly violated girls as young as 15 years old.

What some might not know or remember was that Cosby’s assault chargers were brought up this past February as well, in response to the news circulating Woody Allen raping his daughter. One of the articles addressing this had stated that no one really wanted to live in a world where Bill Cosby was seen as a sexual predator because it was too much to handle. Although the allegations were in the air again, NBC still continued to push through a show they were creating with Cosby at the time.

This past October, comedian, Hannibal Buress, went viral when he regarded Cosby as a rapist in one of his stand-up acts. He later told Howard Stern that he thought of Cosby as a hypocrite, telling black people how to live, yet raping young women.

Just a little over ten days later, Barbara Bowman shared her story. She personally thanked Buress for speaking out against Cosby numerous times. From there many other women came forward. What Bowman can’t believe is why it took thirty years for people to finally believe her story.


4 thoughts on “Bill Cosby

  1. I think that it is really interesting to think about why the media didn’t respond the first time to the Cosby rape allegations. A good point that you brought up was that no one wanted to see a world where Bill Cosby was seen as a sexual predator. Cosby is seen as a classic American comedian and actor and no ones wants to ruin his positive reputation. I find it really sad and I feel really bad for Bowman because it took 30 years for her story to be revealed and believed. I also think that rape and sexual violence recently has been more prevalent.


  2. I agree with your opinions on this incident regarding Cosby. I also agree with the fact you made about no one wanting to see a world with Bill Cosby being seen as a sexual predator. It’s hard to believe that it took 30 years for not only people but the media as well to believe Bowmans story.


  3. You brought up a really good point. I think it is really interesting to think that the media chose not to address the accusations against Cosby for so long because they wanted to maintain his image. Cosby is a beloved comedian and sitcom star. No one wanted to believe that he could do something so disrespectful and out of character. It is very sad that it took many years for the public to believe the crimes Cosby committed to all those innocent women.


  4. I agree with the points you made. It’s definitely hard to find that such a popular role model’s image has been transformed into a serial rapist. I agree on how you mention that the media did not want to make the accusations so prominent to maintain Cosby’s image but now that there is a continuation of the women opening up and speaking about it, it’s not too difficult to find out who here real liar is in the face of the media.


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